Managing the Family Calendar

With so many appointments, how do you keep everything straight – AND keep everyone informed?  The answer:  SHARE the calendar.

In our family, we’ve got a lot going on.  The list of people who need to know what’s happening each week is pretty long: my husband, the babysitter, the program manager for my son’s Autism therapy program, the ABA therapists who work in our home, my ex-husband, and the kids.  Knowing the schedule has been a key to my son’s success.  When he knows what’s coming, he is ready for all of the activities he faces in the week ahead – especially if there are changes to the routine.

To keep things simple, I have one calendar that is shared with the kids and the babysitter who all view it on their iPhones.  I email the weekly calendar out to the ABA team and my ex-husband.  My program manager uses this to decide when she wants to meet with therapists to gather data or just check in.  And then we don’t need to coordinate since I’m at work anyway.  This also gets questions answered before the work week starts – so I can actually focus at work rather than dealing with appointment details in the middle of my day.

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