Challenging Dyslexia: ‘Cause I Want to Decide Between Survival and Bliss

Organizing Dreen

Is it possible to get off an IEP and overcome the challenges that made it necessary? Three years ago, my daughter qualified for an IEP and those special needs are rooted in dyslexia.   After spending 6th, 7th and 8th grade at a school focused on teaching children with dyslexia, she no longer qualifies for an IEP.  She went from being 2 grade levels behind to now reading at an 11th grade level and being all set to enter Algebra 1 for her Freshman year of high school in the Fall.  I’m reposting this blog from when we qualified for the IEP.  And looking forward to future posts where I can share what we’ve learned since then to better support our daughter who is now thriving in school again.

Posted originally on June 19, 2015…’Cause I Want to Decide Between Survival and Bliss.

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