Finding Hope at a Track Meet

I remember when my son’s middle school PE teacher reached out to me and asked me if I thought my son would like to join the track team.  I was elated!  My son has Autism and somehow, through all the speech therapy, ABA therapy, IEP meetings and everything else, I had just given up on […]

Positive Parent-Teacher Partnerships

We’ve all heard the horror stories of parents at odds with the school and their child’s teacher, especially if an IEP is involved.  I’ve been lucky.  I’ve never been in this situation.  I’m part of a great school district with outstanding teachers but I think I play a role in the very positive relationships I’ve had […]

YouTube Reminders

As parents, it’s our job to creatively solve problems.  My problem: I’m not convinced my 13 year old son with Autism is washing his face well enough.  And puberty is becoming less forgiving by the day.  I’m not sure if this is a problem that all mom’s face.  But it’s one I’m facing now. We’ve […]

My Son’s Chores

As I push my 9 year old son with Autism to become more independent (and watch him WANTING to be more independent, even being rebellious at times), he (and and his younger sister) both have a list of chores that they need to get done each day. Most of them aren’t a big deal, but it’s […]