The Pancake Recipe

Now that my 9 year old son with Autism can read, he can do a lot of things with a simple checklist. This morning, I wrote down “the pancake recipe” to see how he’d do with zero help from me. He was able to do it totally by himself. In fact, when I’d look over to see how things were going, he’d say, “Mommy, stop watching me!” I wish I would have captured his proud smile! And I loved it when he went over to his sister and asked, “Would you like a pancake for breakfast?”

Making Pancakes:

1. Get out the big pan.
2. Put pan on stove.
3. Turn on stove to #7.
4. Get the big bowl.
5. Get out Bisquick.
6. 1 Cup Bisquick in bowl.
7. Put Bisquick away.
8. 1/2 Cup Milk in bowl.
9. Put Milk away.
10. 1 Egg in bowl.
11. Put eggs away.
12. Stir. Mix it all up.
13. Use 1/2 Cup to put pancake mix in pan.
14. Set timer for 2 minutes.
15. After beep, flip pancake with spatula.
16. Set time for 2 more minutes.
17. After beep, put pancakes on plate.

Turn off stove.

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